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ABA Services in RI

optimizing learning and guiding success

Navigate Behaviors specializes in using the current technology of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) research to help make the best evidence-based improvements for your child and family. Our services are maintained based upon the unique data of each client to help optimize their learning and success. Assessments are completed at least annually and behavior plan goals are modified based upon your child’s data to

guide them towards success and independence. All services are overseen by a RI Licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and may include the services of a supervised front

line therapist based upon individualized client needs.


Navigate Behaviors is currently serving clients in our North Kingstown location as well as in-home services throughout Washington County and Kent County.


To schedule an assessment for your child, a tour of our clinic, or obtain information about our programs email us at or call 401-213-3302



Inappropriate and dangerous behaviors are common among individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities, often resulting from skill deficits. These behaviors can often interfere with the individual’s quality of life, making it difficult to develop the social relationships or skills needed to succeed in their environment. ABA services with Navigate Behaviors begin with a comprehensive Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and skills assessment with a BCBA.  Each assessment is developed to meet the needs of the child and family to examine the variables in their environment surrounding the problem behaviors and skill deficits.  Assessments can occur in the environment where your child is experiencing their challenges, including their home, preschool, school, community, or extracurricular activity.  Your BCBA will conduct the FBA to determine the function (the why) of these specific behaviors and which replacement skills your child can develop to improve their quality of life.  Assessment results will be used to establish an individualized Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) to provide caregivers and your child’s team with intensive hands-on training and solutions to improving their problem behaviors.  Your BCBA can provide hands-on training in the setting where your child is experiencing challenging behaviors.

Clinic and Home-Based ABA Services

Our clinic located in North Kingstown and home-based ABA services begin with an assessment conducted by a Rhode Island licensed, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to assess current behaviors and skill levels in the home. Each assessment is individualized based upon client observation and goals.  Assessments include a functional behavior assessment (FBA) and may also focus on current communication skills, daily living skills (e.g. toilet training and hygiene skills), social skills, and community skills. If further intervention is warranted, a behavior plan will be developed based upon the assessment results with continued treatment recommendations.


Recommendations for ABA in-home services may include:


Consultation: Consultation is completed by a BCBA to include parent, caregiver, and/or team member training on a behavior plan developed to reduce inappropriate behaviors and teach appropriate replacement behaviors. The BCBA will train all team members to proficiency on the behavior plan using Behavior Skills Training (BST) to create a unified team working with your child. An example of changing behaviors could include if a child is pinching others to get attention; the team will be taught how to reduce the pinching and how to help the child get attention in a safe and appropriate way.


Weekly Sessions: Weekly sessions include front line therapist conducting 2-3 hour sessions during recurring, mutually agreed upon times.  During sessions, the front line therapist will provide 1:1 individualized instruction to your child to help develop skills to achieve their goals. Sessions could be structured using Discrete Trial Training (DTT), incidental teaching, and generalizing new skills outside of a contrived learning environment. Examples of session programs could include learning how to brush their teeth, learning to play a turn-taking game, and mealtime routines. The front line therapist will also work with your child and their support team to implement a plan to help change targeted behaviors and develop appropriate new skills to meet the needs of the problem behaviors. 

In-Home Services
School Services



A Rhode Island licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with Navigate Behaviors can meet with your team to complete a school assessment to determine why a student is experiencing problem behaviors in this environment. Navigate Behaviors can conduct individualized functional behavior assessments (FBA) for students in school. FBAs determine the function of the behaviors and enable us to choose the best behavior plan and training for the students’ team to help them succeed. Consultation with a BCBA can continue following the assessment to train administrators, teachers, and specialists to work together while developing the student’s individualized behavior plan. Services may also include the addition of a front line therapist in the classroom to provide 1:1 support to the student while implementing their behavior plan.

Social Skills


Social skills groups are created based upon client age and skill level. An initial assessment is completed by a Rhode Island licensed BCBA to assess your child’s current level of skills and develop a plan to target desired skills and goals important to you and your child. Social skills groups occur during a scheduled weekly session with a front line therapist providing 1:1 support during the sessions and may include typical peer models. Group sessions are structured to include trial opportunities for your child to work on their targeted goals with other children using a variety of activities.

Social Skills Groups
Agency/Staff Trainings



If your agency or school team is interested in specialized training on a topic involving Applied Behavior Analysis, please let us know. Navigate Behaviors will develop specialized workshop content for your team and provide hands-on training for your staff to implement their new skills in the workplace successfully.


Navigate Behaviors strives to provide community education on Applied Behavior Analysis to anyone who is interested in learning about topics in the field to create successful environments. Subject-specific workshops are scheduled periodically. Additional consultation or ongoing services with a BCBA may be requested following completion of the workshop. Please check our calendar to view upcoming scheduled workshops and reserve your space today!

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